Product Q & A From Our Major Sponsor

Q: My wife has been using Boluoke® for a number of years now. Even though I am at 69 generally in good health, I was wondering if you would ever recommend that Boluoke® be taken for maybe one or two months annually just as a general preventative measure? If so, how often and at what dosage?

Robert A. (Unknown location)

A: Besides helping to improve the circulatory health, lumbrokinase has also been shown to have other potential health benefits (e.g., prevent smoke-related heart damage, stimulate bone regeneration, etc.); although the evidence on the other fronts is still quite preliminary.

If you’d like to take Boluoke® for general health, you can take 1 capsule at bedtime for the long term.  And once every 6 months or so, you can increase the dosage to 1 capsule 3 times daily for 2 weeks. For people who are generally healthy, the above protocol can further improve/maintain the circulatory health.  Of course, we would still suggest that you discuss with your own doctor about taking Boluoke® for long term. 

Q: What prevents the Lumbrokinase from being broken down in the digestive tract? Is it an enteric coated capsule? Also, are the enzymes too large to be absorbed. Caleb B. (Glenview, IL)

A: Boluoke® has acid-resistant capsules to protect the enzymes from stomach acid. In addition, absorption studies had been done in the past and the intestinal absorption rate is about 10%.  Another Korean study also showed a maximal absorption rate of about 14% for lumbrokinase.

Q: Is lumbrokinase contraindicated for use with any of the following: Aggrenox, Ticlid, or Plavix? Thanks.  Shane B. (Sebastopol, CA)

A: There have been quite a few studies using lumbrokinase together with aspirin, Plavix, statins, anti-hypertensives, etc., and these combinations appear to be safe.  Thus, Boluoke® is considered compatible with aspirin and Plavix and there is also no known contra-indication with using lumbrokinase together with Ticlic or Aggrenox.