Product Q & A From Our Major Sponsor

Q: I currently take 1 Boluoke® capsule a day as prescribed by my Lyme doctor a few years ago. I am currently healthy and no longer see her so I would like  to know if  Boluoke® that I am taking is still helpful?? I was also wondering if it is designed to help lower LDL cholesterol?  Also, which ch enzyme should I avoid if I continue to Boluoke®?? Is krill oil or milk thistle or probiotics considered an enzyme? 

Linda W (Kennett Square, PA)

A: You may need to consult your doctor in order to determine if you still need to take Boluoke®. Fundamentally, if you no longer have hypercoagulation then you can stop Boluoke®. Your doctor may need to run some tests in order to determine that. Boluoke® has a mild effect on cholesterol, but it is not its main function. Thus, we do not usually recommend Boluoke® for people with high cholesterol or high LDL. There are no interactions between fish oil, milk thistle or probiotics. However, if you are also taking other proteolytic enzymes, we would suggest that you take Boluoke® first on an empty stomach, then the other enzymes 30 minutes later.

Q: Do you know if Boluoke® is ok to take with the prescription drug Cymbalta? Jon I. (Los Olivos, CA)

A: Boluoke® (lumbrokinase) is not known to have any interaction with antidepressants, including Cymbalta.

Q: If someone is at risk for clotting while taking an airplane ride what would be the recommended dose? Would you take one capsule of Boluoke® the night before and one before getting on the flight? Caleb B. (Chicago, IL)

A: The Boluoke® dosage would depend on the risk of the particular patient. If someone just had a recent DVT or a recent lower body surgery (e.g., knee replacement or hip replacement), then I’ll suggest 2 caps when they arrive to the airport for check-in (1-2 hours ahead of departure), and then another 2 caps about 5 hours into the flight (if it’s a long flight to overseas). For patients with mild-to-moderate risk, then just take 1 capsule instead of 2 capsules each time. There is no harm if they’d like to take 1 cap the night before the flight.