Product Q & A From Our Major Sponsor

Q: I was referred to one of the Canada RNA products by a colleague who was at the Hawaii ND convention recently and heard about your products. I have a patient with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.  I wanted to explore options for breaking down the fibrosis and was wondering about the use of enzymes. Do you have any suggestions about this condition and your products?  Jill S, ND. (Port Moody, BC)

A: The product your colleague referred to is probably Boluoke® (lumbrokinase), which is a fibrinolytic enzyme. However, there is no evidence showing that it will break down fibrosis or be of benefit to patients with IPF. Thus, I would not recommend its use in your patient’s case.  IPF is generally difficult to treat because it is idiopathic from a conventional stand point of view. Naturopathically, I’ll suggest that you look into any hidden chronic inflammation/allergies involving the lung. Make sure that you check C-RP, fibrinogen, and ferritin levels in your patients, and if any of them are less than ideal, there is likely an inflammatory process going on somewhere.

Q: I have several clients currently taking Serra Enzyme (Serrapeptase) 250,000 IU. After having learned and read everything you have provided on Boluoke® I have several questions. The majority of my clients taking Serra Enzyme began taking it for hypertension and they tell me that they will not stop taking Serra Enzyme because it has dramatically reduced their blood pressure. When they forget to take it, they notice that their blood pressure begins to increase. The research you have provided shows that your product is far superior, however in the tri fold brochure you sent, it does not recommend combining Boluoke® with other enzymes. Since Serra Enzyme is the proteolytic enzymes isolated from the silkworm, would it be ok for them to take both at the same time or would you still recommend spacing them at least 2 hours apart? I would like my patients to try your product but it may not be easy to do so especially when one product has been working for them for years. Also, if a person has been taking the Serra Enzyme at 500,000 to 750,000 IU daily, what would the recommended start dosage be of Boluoke® whether they decide to switch or take both.  Sandy S. (Prineville, OR)

A: The primary indication for Boluoke® (lumbrokinase) is the presence of hypercoagulation, namely an imbalance in the coagulation system leading to a higher risk of thromboembolism or poor circulation to the cells. Boluoke® is usually not indicated as the first choice for people with simple high blood pressure issues unless there is also hypercoagulation present. In some cases, hypercoagulation can increase the peripheral resistance and contribute to high blood pressure. If the patient has hypercoagulation, then Boluoke® will work much better than serrapeptidase and the patient would only have to take Boluoke® alone. There is no need to take both in this situation. If the patient is taking serrapeptidase for reasons other than hypercoagulation, and the patient still would like to take Boluoke® for whatever reason, then it would be ideal to take Boluoke® first on an empty stomach followed by serrapeptidase 1/2 hour later, or vice versa. There is a theoretical possibility that taking them together at the same time might render Boluoke® or serrapeptidase less effective; though this is only a theory and not proven. There are practitioners who actually recommend taking them together.