Product Q & A From Our Major Sponsor

Q: I just received the following email from my daughter whose friend has just been admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with multiple blood clots in both lungs: “I wanted to let everyone know that Bxxxx was admitted to Freeman Hospital last night.  As most of you are aware, Bxxxx has not been feeling well for quite some time.   The doctors conducted multiple tests including  pulmonary scans that resulted in the  discovery of multiple blood clots situated in both lungs.    The danger is that if one of those clots were to travel to her heart, it could kill her..  

Currently, Bxxxx is in severe pain and the meds they have given her are not helping.  We are changing up meds this morning in the hope that  she will get some relief and some sleep.  The clots cannot be dissolved but she is on meds that will prevent them  from traveling to her heart.  The doctors say that the clots must dissolve on their own and that it will take some time.  Bxxxx will undergo several more tests today. I will keep you informed as I learn more.”  

Considering her condition, I was wondering if you feel that Boluoke® might help with the dissolving process and its possible benefits overall?? Whatever thoughts you might have would be appreciated, and if you would recommend using Boluoke®, would you recommend a doctor to provide consultation for B***’s case? Thank you so much for your assistance. My wife has been using Boluoke® for several years now with great satisfaction.  Robert A.

A: Currently there is limited research using Boluoke® to treat pulmonary embolism. There is only 1 paper using lumbrokinase to treat DVT (which often leads to pulmonary embolism). I’ve attached the paper for you.  Still, in this case we would definitely recommend Boluoke®. However, most conventional doctors are not familiar with it and probably would not recommend it especially in a hospital setting, due to liability issues.  In the off chance the doctor is open to using Boluoke®, he or she may contact us directly.

Q:  I use your products in my alternative practice. My 13yo healthy standard poodle dog came down with heartworms. I am giving him once a month HEARTGUARD and Minocycline 100mg TID. I am concerned about blood clots as the antibiotic kills off the larvae. Please advise appropriate dosing of Boluoke® (and anything else you feel would help) for my 50lb dog. I’m feedinghim grain-free salmon food and greens daily. Greg C, DC (Florida, USA)

A: The preclinical safety data done on guinea pigs and dogs showed the following:

–The LD50 for guinea pigs is determined to be 144,600,000 u/kg (which is about 48 capsules per kg using the current updated units) via intravenous injection

–The long-term toxicity test on canines (10 – 17 kg) of various doses via intravenous injection showed no significant effects on liver function, kidney function, blood cells, or growth. There was nausea, vomiting, bowel/urinary incontinence, drooling, and trembling only at the highest test dose at 1/8 of the LD50 (6 capsules per kg dose); these symptoms were transient and resolved spontaneous after 1 hour. Thus, it is very safe.

–Recommended acute human clinical dosage is 2 capsules 3 times daily by mouth (for a 50kg adult); thus, the clinical dosage for dogs is likely much smaller. –For you 50lb dog, the dosage would likely be 1 cap 2x to 3x per day. We do not have data on how well Boluoke® prevents clots in dogs with heartworms, but it is likely to help.