Publisher’s Words May – June 2021

As North America’s COVID-19 cases trend downwards and life gradually returns to pre-pandemic state, the talks about vaccine passports are starting to show up in various media. Unless there is a universal consensus as to the definition of having immunity against SARS-CoV-2 (e.g., protective antibody level, T-cell immunity, recovery from COVID-19, etc.), a vaccine passport is just a way to force population conformity and potentially denying access/freedom to some. Thus, if you are concerned about the potential use/misuse of vaccine passports, please read the following document regarding the legal status of vaccine passports in your state and take actions: In Canada the idea of a vaccine passport is currently beingbeen debated by various levels of government. I hope that it will not happen. 

What are mitochondria? We have known them to be the power house within cells performing essential cellular respiration. However, French researchers have identified and isolated functioning mitochondria within the blood and they are thought to play important roles in cell-to-cell communication. Who would’ve guessed that something we thought could only exist within cells can actually function outside the cells? Wow, this just blows my mind!

Martin Kwok, ND. DrTCM

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