Cold Press Black Seed Oil Containing 3% Thymoquinone May Improve Blood Pressure Health

BACKGROUND: High blood pressure is considered to be one of the leading causes of death in the western world. Nigella sativa, part of the Ranunculaceae family, was shown to have many therapeutic properties including hypertension diminution. 

OBJECTIVE: To determine if adding 3% thymoquinone supplement to the normal routine diet improves vascular function in healthy adults. 

DESIGN: Twenty healthy adults (average age 55 ± 13 years BMI avg 29.6 ± 14.2) with normal blood pressure were all treated with a daily dose of 3% thymoquinone black seed oil as small capsules for six weeks. Following a three-week washout period, patients were given placebo treatment for a period of six weeks. Blood pressure was measured daily throughout the study. 

RESULTS: Twenty patients received 500mg daily of ThymoQuin™ (3% thymoquinone) for six weeks. A significant decrease in blood pressure and an increase in heart rate could be observed. Following the washout period and placebo treatment, blood pressure was slightly increased and the treatment effects started diminishing. 

CONCLUSION: Daily dosing with 3% thymoquinone was successful in reducing blood pressure in healthy adults.

Bush B, et al. Effects of Standardized Black Seed Oil Cold Press Supplement Over A Six Week Period on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in Healthy Patients: A Nonrandomized Clinical Trial. Food Sci Nutr Res. 2020; 3(1): 1-5.