Many people have argued that artificial sweeteners may increase cancer risk for many years. Now it seems like they might also increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases1 ; though the evidence is not considered conclusive. As a general rule, any artificial chemicals that have no functional benefits or purposes to the body, and may burden our detox/elimination systems, should be avoided or consumed very sparingly. 

Obese or overweight adults are often thought to have insulin resistance, and this is mostly true. However, researchers from the Columbia University Irving Medical Center have found that insufficient sleep (<6.2 hours per night) for 6 weeks would impair insulin sensitivity, independent of adiposity2 . Sleep problem (either poor quality or insufficiency) has emerged as one of the most common health issues in the modern era. It affects almost all major systems in our body, e.g. immune system, endocrine system, autonomic system, etc. Sleep is as fundamental to health as diet, exercise, and stress,  and it should always be addressed (or explored) when treating any chronic issues. 

Dr. Martin Kwok, ND, Dr. TCM

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2. Zuraikat FM, et al. Chronic Insufficient Sleep in Women Impairs Insulin Sensitivity Independent of Adiposity Changes: Results of a Randomized Trial. Diabetes Care. 2024 Jan 1;47(1):117-125. doi: 10.2337/dc23-1156.